Careful Hair Coloring for College Students

Careful Hair Coloring for College Students

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Over the past week, my daughter has called me asking for advice for her college friends who wanted to color their weave or even their own hair. While I was in college, or shall I say, when I thought I knew what I was doing, I tried coloring my hair from blonde to black and it turned out to be an interesting shade of green instead. So, I’m glad she asked for my professional opinion before taking any risks. J Now, as a master stylist, it is always my duty to highly recommend getting your hair professionally done, (especially when dealing with chemicals) but it is possible to give yourself a basic touch up or color your weave without spending too much money. Based on the questions that I’ve been recently asked, I will provide 4 easy steps and (suggested) instructions for those interested. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to comment below and I will respond ASAP! Happy (CAREFUL) Coloring!

Step 1: Determine your Natural Hair Color
Step 2: Determine the desired hair color you would like (look at a hair coloring chart)
Step 3: Go to the beauty supply store (I highly recommend Sally’s) and ask a sales associate to assist you as you find the right color.
Step 4: With the appropriate tools, (coloring bowl, coloring brush, and gloves) apply the color; making sure that you’re follow manufacturer directions for processing.

FYI: Keep in mind that you are using chemicals, so be sure to color in appropriate areas.

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